i asked some of my seventh graders:

[a questioning agnostic]:I don’t know what love is, but i will tell you what i think it is. I think it means that you don’t fight or argue. You think about that one person all the time. You can’t get love confused, because yes, you may think about somebody 24/7. But it doesn’t mean you love them. Well just put it like this you don’t choose who you wanna love your heart does.

[a (middle school) realist]:love is when you like somebody and you want them. You want to kiss them. You want to hug them. You send notes or kiss them. But mostly what you feel for them.

[a true optimist]: Love is the most amazing thing in the world. Love is like butterflies in your stomach. You can’t choose who you would like it just comes. Is not a choice. For me Love is like the most AMASING thing in the WORLD.

[me too, sister]: I dont KNow what love is because Im to young to KNow. And love is for growN-ups only not kids. I only No what love is when it comes 2 my family because your suppose 2 love them.

[the bitter one]: Love is a waste of time in your life. After what happend to me 2 times I will never fall in love. I think love for other People is everything for them but for me is nothing.

[i think this one says it all]: For me love is Happyness. Because you express your self. You also have someone to trust. It Boring sometimes and cool sometimes. And thats what i think bout love.

it’s easy to laugh at kids when they talk about relationships (especially bitter magee up there), but really aren’t these the same things we say about love? what difference does ten (or twenty, fifty) years make? honestly, the more i hear my student’s thoughts and questions about relationships, the more i realize that we are basically going through the same things. i compare what they say with what my friends and i talk about. regardless of age, the worries and outlooks tend to be pretty similar.

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  1. Jess said:

    “I’m too young to be so worried about boys all the time” – 12 yr old or 22 yr old??

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