seventh grade summers:

–> “When I think about summer I remember sleeping late. I remember playing soccer all day. When my dad had the day off he showed me how to weld.”

–> “When I think of summer, I think of the hot beaches. The reason is that it’s hot. You can get a tan. But remember wear sunscrean. Another reason is that lots of good food, the smell of lemonade. Also, when you drink this cold drink, drink it slow so you can taste the cold sensation of the ice lemonade.”

–> “When I think about summer my grandma’s house comes to mind, I remember when we play outside & make fun of each other. I miss it over there. Hopefully this summer will be just like the others.”

–> “When I think about summer I see beaches, sand and the beautiful soft blue. I hear eagles, birds and butterflies. I smelled vapor water or just humid. When I’m there I feel relaxed. Like if I had work all day and then feel like I’m almost going to sleep. I feel the sun burn on my skin. That’s what I feel when I think about summer.”

–> “In summer I remember the screaming of kids that summer started. It smelled of the beach sand in stuff. I felt like is the time of the year to have fun and forget about all your bad worrys and just to do whatever you feel like doing. That there shouldn’t be no problems.”

–> “I remember the ocean. The sand and salt water. even the sun set. Walking up and down the water. I can’t wait. I go every summer to South Padre.”


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