Monthly Archives: April 2010


i impulsively ordered this dress from ramona west during a lunch break when the seventh graders were acting even more ridiculous than usual:

here it is, fresh at home. buying online (vintage esp) makes me neurotic about the sizing and fit, but this baby is good quality. there’s just enough wear so that it feels vintage, but it’s in nice condition. i’ll just handwash it.

i wore it out one night, but the picture is on disposable (disposablelife) and as yet undeveloped. and the other picture of me wearing it involves crawfish, which are sick. i wore it with this (aaahhh, cooperative), but i don’t think it always needs a belt.

ps many musical inclinations are thanks to k, who is basically the only reason i know all of my favorite music.

the fountain of youth.

the holy grail.

by george, i found it.

i chased it from atlanta to nyc. our star crossed paths were destined to meet in boston.

i’m not a materialistic girl, but this design sure does make my toes scrunch.

by madewell, my baby daddy.