this weekend momsy and i went to the bayou city art festival.
it was a beautiful, sunny day and i got to break in these.
a dolan geiman cowgirl spoke to me. i couldn’t leave her there.

i love the mixed media, graphic feel.
and the fact that this horse is harnessed and she’s decidedly western- mixing the east and the west- a concept to which i relate.

ali walsh (so friendly) was there too. she actually sold me the print.

the artist grew up working on a farm in virginia, which had been used as a hospital during the civil war. did i ever write that i studied virginia girls during the civil war for my senior thesis? so, obviously, i had to take this cowgirl home.

wherever i go, she’ll remind me of the texas years.

what is a box print?

BOX PRINT reproductions are high-quality inkjet images digitally reproduced onto wood panels by a large format printer (not paper prints mounted to wood panels). Each BOX PRINT reproduction includes a natural-colored, poplar back-frame, adding depth to the piece against the wall (see profile image). BOX PRINT reproductions are also UV-treated for color fastness as well as for protection against handling, alleviating patrons’ concerns that inquisitive children or general household activity might come to damage the work. BOX PRINT reproductions can be dusted, gently wiped, and can withstand years of exposure to direct sunlight. Created using 100% solvent-free and VOC-free inks, BOX PRINT reproductions are easy on the wallet and the environment.

here is dolan’s blog.

  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you as well and hear about your experiences with Teach for America. Thanks so much for your support at the show and for such a kind blog post. I included a link to this post under the “Weekly Wrap Up” post on our blog today.


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