on saturday afternoon one of my rare domestic moods hit me. well, let me rephrase that. it was one of the rare domestic moods that i actually followed through on.

i walked into the heb (that’s a texas grocery store, for my east coasters) and low and behold, the intoxicating aroma of a towering pyramid of “fresh!” “organic!” “locally grown!” peaches pulled me in.

eleven (excessive?) peaches later, i was home and looking for recipe inspiration. basically and historically, what inspires me is the most simple recipe. the reasoning behind this is twofold:
one) less opportunity to set the kitchen on fire (again)
two) fewer ingredients allows the natural tastes of the fruit through more

i always get antsy waiting for recipes to finish. sorry, c.

i think, for a first attempt, my tart came out pretty well. whether the white wine and rosemary asiago i ate while constructing this baby hurt or helped the process is yet to be determined.

s ate it with some natural vanilla ice cream on the side. is he a good sport or was it genuinely delicious? a girl will never know.

here’s the recipe i used, though i can’t say i measured everything out exactly. i think approximation adds a juicy, exciting element of surprise into baking. there may have been more sugar in mine. maybe.

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  1. mom said:

    your food photos are amazing!

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