Monthly Archives: June 2010

“chronic comparing is driven by old stuff- a hurtful comment someone made, or an embarrassing experience that you never forgot. women are also trained to be competitive with other women; we’re culturally conditioned to see them as threats. constantly worrying about whether others are better than you- smarter, prettier, successful- has many costs. it produces anxiety and a sense of separateness because you’re always inferior or superior to others. you’re focused on how you stack up, instead of on creating the life you want to have. they key to breaking free of a comparison obsession is to reclaim your sense of worthiness by actively treating yourself well. do nice things for yourself. remind yourself of your strengths, talents, and accomplishments. build caring, supportive relationships, and avoid those that are detrimental to your well-being. your relationship with yourself is like any other relationship; the more loving and supportive you are, the better it will be. and then you’ll stop comparing yourself to others because you’ll be happy in your own skin.” -lauren mackler


…and alliteration.

did i ever mention that i’m obsessed with ancient rome? my love for the classics inspired italian classes in college so that i could go live in italy and explore ruins all day for a whole summer… heaven.

anyway, brvtvs pretty much hits the nail on the head with all of this collection. and the ancient nomenclature? i’m such a sucker for marketing. ancient-inspired marketing.

also. early jewelry and the west.

what is my deal with history and jewelry? weird, but incurable.

campfire girls words to remember, words to live by:
seek beauty: look for the good in all people, places, things, and nature.
be happy:enjoy life. be cheerful even if things dont always go your way. be positive. help others to be happy. have fun.

i’m spending a little time with a good book and my old friend ray.

ps: my first coloring book club share came in the mail! thanks, mallory!

it was fun to get mail from the northeast, which seems so far away right now with the houston heat. (it also made me excited for my first trip to maine in july.)

i don’t know if they were meant as congratulations for finishing the lsat,

or as an appeasement for the benefactor’s impending two-month departure,

but these white tulips certainly accomplished their intent…

that being to make me happy and calm.

focusing my eyes on little flowers is a sure way to find peace in an emotional week.

the last time i got new glasses was in 2003. i’m ready for some new ones.

like toms, warby parker donates a pair of glasses to those in need every time you make a purchase. unlike toms, they’re awesome looking.

these are my favorites so far, though, and i’m reticent to say that they’re from american apparel.