Monthly Archives: October 2010

knife privileges rescinded.


while we were in atlanta to see my family, b and i went to the ga aquarium. we got to feed sting rays, which feels like a little suction cup taking halibut from your fingers.

don’t tell b, but i’m getting him a new weekender for christmas. his is held together by a carabiner, and it’s just not cutting it. here are a few that i’m looking at:

buying for boys can be scary; sometimes i think they’re even more picky about stuff like this than girls. which is cute but also intimidating.

this one is my favorite, and i think it’s the winner:

pictures are linked.

if i could be anywhere
i would smell the heavy blanket
of fish and salt
that wraps the slick wood and stone streets,
tacked over the world in a halcyon haze,
torpidly drifting and settling,
in the rhythm of
the foamy obsidian lapping sheets,
above the head but below the sky
making the stars hazy through
the incandescence of languid senses