i’ll let the pictures do the talking; it was a great weekend.

  1. máni said:

    looks like a fab and delicious weekend! i absolutely love your haircolour!!!

  2. it was my first time in california, incredibly fun… and thank you!

  3. Sarah said:

    um. how is thhhis for weird!? my boyfriend and i just booked our flights to san francisco last night!! hahaha such funny coincidences!

    wow, it must have been really nice to go to school in Athens, it was soooo cute.

    I’m so excited to go to san fran. we’re spending most of our trip in yosemite, but we’ll have some time in the city and your pictures are making me even more excited to go! looks awesome!

  4. ah, i love sf. you captured a lot of great photos… makes me want to plan a trip there asap! :)

  5. gogi said:

    wonderful photos… you two look so cute together.
    PS: I want a cappuccino. Immediately.

  6. Amanda said:

    San Fran looks like such a beautiful photographic city. I can’t wait to visit.
    Love the pose against the car ;)
    I have hair envy.

  7. amanda: ha! i was so excited to rent a bug, i’ve always wanted to drive one. b went for the big, smooth ride, but i shot him down.

  8. Bri said:

    glad you enjoyed your visit here! i’ve been living in the bay area for 2 years now and absolutely love it! such a beautiful area.

  9. odessa said:

    awww…you were here. lovely photos! especially the one with the sea lions.

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