one of my favorite professors at the university of georgia was an art history teacher. she always wore beautiful turquoise and silver jewelry and when i asked her about it, she told me she’d gotten it in santa fe.

so, naturally, when b asked me where i wanted to go on our roadtrip, i said, “santa fe.” let’s call a spade a spade here: i love jewelry. also obsessed with native american culture and artwork. the perfect storm.

anyway i ended up with this little (heh, not) beauty, and b got something too (more on that later, the sneaky sneak).

  1. gogi said:

    love, love, love it

  2. i love santa fe… and native american culture and artwork as well. i’m actually working on my newest jewelry line right now (which is set to launch on april 19th -ah!- and it is very much reminiscent of native american design.)

    love your photos, as usual.. and i kind of had a feeling you were in santa fe when i saw the first 2 images :)

  3. hila said:

    oh it’s such beautiful jewellery! I’m jealous of your road trip, it looks like so much fun.

  4. the jewelry looks gorgeous! and I like your bracelet!

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