the san diego zoo. me posing like a dork with the two best animals: baby elephant and dikdiks.

baby animals have always been an obsession (i mean, hello), and i’ve cultivated a ritual in my classroom where every time we have a quiz, there’s a zooborns picture on the powerpoint slide. my students love seeing baby tapirs, iguanas… i’m making them weird just like me.

and i highly recommend the air tram ride at the zoo, it’s a great view:

  1. ok it’s offical. i love your blog. love it. all your adventures.. so great!
    also, i’ve been meaning to write back to your comment on my blog a few days ago :).. i’m going to be having a giveaway of one of my new necklaces on my blog some time this week.. it will be up for a week or so! just thought you might like to enter for the possibility of a frreeee bday gift to yourself!

  2. oh, i’ll be sure to enter. thanks for the heads up :)

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