what’s the best thing to do when having a quarter century crisis a year early? irresponsibly spend copious amounts of money at jcrew, obviously. because sweaters hold all the answers in the “what to do with my life” inner dialogue borderline crazytalk conversation with oneself. b and i are deciding where we will be next year, what we will be doing, what is the meaning of life, and we’re both sort of going crazy with the brevity of it. when did anyone start assuming i’m an adult capable of making realistic decisions? that involve money? i mean really.

so anyway here’s what i got, and if anyone tells you retail therapy isn’t a good bandaid for having no idea what to do with your life, they are wrong. also, chocolate works. which is why b bought me ben and jerry’s double fudge brownie today, i think. he’s a keeper.

and they’re lying when they say that trench is online only. i bought it in manhattan in-store last weekend. liars.

pictures are linked.
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  1. odessa said:

    chocolate and retail therapy ALWAYS works. yess.

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