this week, i’m squeezing everything into my civic (included but not limited to: pasta maker, huge wooden chest, cat) and driving back east for good. i’ll get to see my family in atlanta (much needed, so excited) and show b around athens, where i went to college.

…and then i’m spending the rest of the summer in maine. in an rv. next to a river. where lobstermen catch lobsters and bullfrogs croak all night.
i’m so excited for the sweet summer maine air, and campfires and sweatshirts at night, and swimming in the freezing ocean at popham. oh, and being in a town pop. 30 (give or take, do we count deer?) and no internet.
some pretty bridge in maine.
and then in the fall, on to boston, where someone got himself into law school and someone else (ahem) got her dream job teaching american history at a charter school.

  1. Mackenzie said:

    EEk! just stumbled back on your blog. I love what I see of your summer (and after) plans!! Can’t wait to squeel and hug you in a week! MUCH love ~~kenzie

  2. iris said:

    Oh man, the RV in Maine sounds too awesome. And the no internet? Awesomeness.

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