this morning, i woke up very early. we drove into portland and met joe and jimmy in a parking lot. we got in rosie, joe’s old red suburban. we drove out to the country, and joe and jimmy taught us a little bit about how to set up- testing the wind, unfurling the equipment.
IMG_9645 IMG_9653 IMG_9675 b helped a lot while i watched a lot. IMG_9689 IMG_9705

then, we lifted off and sailed towards the ocean.
IMG_9782 IMG_9804 IMG_9811 it was quiet and calm- much more peaceful than i’d imagined. IMG_9887 IMG_9722 IMG_9817 we dropped down low and saw deer running through a marsh. IMG_9828 the propane was warm on my face when it shot up into the balloon.
we had a soft, easy landing in a cow field, and did the obvious thing to do at 7 am after a safe touchdown:
IMG_9906 IMG_9938 IMG_9958 IMG_9966 IMG_9967 IMG_9968 IMG_9972
the cows came to eat breakfast with us. they were very curious about what we were doing in their field.
we landed on a dairy farm, so joe and jimmy swung rosie by the barn to say thanks. and the farmers invited us in. and there were baby cows. and we learned how to milk.
IMG_9974 IMG_9976 IMG_9988 IMG_9983 IMG_9995
and it was a wonderful birthday, thanks to my sweet b. (thank you so much.)

  1. cara said:

    hey, thanks for stopping by my blog :) which portland are you in? boston caps and lobster and lighthouses, i’m taking a stab at maine?

  2. cara said:

    just saw the little tags up there, of course it’s maine! this has made my day, i lived in maine for a few months and i miss it so.

    • taylor said:

      yup! i’m living in maine for the first time this summer and it’s gorgeous! i would love to make it to the larger portland someday too, though

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