Monthly Archives: January 2010

my students are faced with toughness and adversity and hardship every day.

sometimes i wish i could load them in a hot air balloon and fly them far away.


just look at these.

as a newcomer to texas, i have been informed that “ya gotta have boots and a hat” to get into the rodeo. probably not true, but i’ll follow the advice.

anwyay, it won’t be in these boots. but aren’t they interesting?

boots are an investment.

and finally…


the only bag i need.

made by moop.

i was gifted this blue market bag over a year ago and it looks brand new. quality construction.

perfect for work, perfect for the park, perfect for the weekend, perfect for overnight.

You’d remember drinkin horchata

horchata is a recurring theme in my life right now [synchronicity, i’m told]. meaning: god wants me to learn to make it.

rice, cinnamon, sugar, water, almonds, vanilla, ice. i have to find a grinder first.

Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten
Chairs to sit and sidewalks to walk on

recipes here and here.

from what i can tell, the ester republic is this monthly publication out of a small town in alaska. it is so cool.

from their site [linked above]:

“The Ester Republic is an irreverent periodical published monthly in the Ester Commonwealth and written by members of the local populace and the odd guest columnist. In no way should this publication be mistaken for a regular newspaper.”

can i go to a party with these people?