Monthly Archives: March 2011

beautiful. one of my favorite pictures ever.
via mr harris tweed.


b’s gift from me, celebrating our anniversary. i about harassed eric to death making sure it got here on time, and he was super nice about it (all while raising amazing amounts of money for japan). treating the leather took me right back to my barn days. did i ever mention here that i had a horse when i was younger? i rode dressage through middle and high school. the smell reminded me of conditioning my saddle and bridle with my dad before shows.

the san diego zoo. me posing like a dork with the two best animals: baby elephant and dikdiks.

baby animals have always been an obsession (i mean, hello), and i’ve cultivated a ritual in my classroom where every time we have a quiz, there’s a zooborns picture on the powerpoint slide. my students love seeing baby tapirs, iguanas… i’m making them weird just like me.

and i highly recommend the air tram ride at the zoo, it’s a great view:

what is a pre-engagement ring?* i have no idea. i love this one, though! it was made by a zuni man. b was very sneaky about it and totally surprised me. i’m going to try to get it sized so i can wear it on my (right, not left) fourth finger.

*disclaimer: no real engagement ring for a looong time!