Monthly Archives: February 2010

for the first time this year, i’ve given up something for lent. it’s not religiously necessitated, but rather financially.

(j and i calculated that after grad classes, certification costs, mentor fees, and taxes, we’re bringing in about half of our “salary”. which is certainly nothing to complain about, but is pretty tight considering i’m living in the city, paying for an lsat class, and repaying loans.)

i’ve never been a huge shopper in the first place, but i’ve always loved the experience of it. especially with mom or the girls. or c. i draw inspiration from the artfully and aesthetically perfect styling of many stores, like the palettes at anthropologie:

so can we expect the clothing and accessories wish posts to go up as i abstain? i’ll consider them my longing window shopping gazes.

posting about great style i can’t have is like tasting a piece of chocolate and then spitting it out. all taste, no calories, limited satisfaction (hah, c). but it’ll have to work for now.

luckily this doesn’t apply to ticket purchases. april is go big or go home month for experiences of the auditory persuasion. coming up:

miike snow
+the postelles
+vampire weekend


this is about to get a little out of control. just as a warning.

and a pretty geometric necklace:

and some tasty choir of young believers. lovebook.

so, one of the coolest things that i can say about myself is that i lived with ashley for one year of college. her wedding last fall was beautiful and inspiring… just like her. it was actually the only time i have been back to athens since college, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. i am shamelessly stealing a few of her wedding pictures here because it makes me happy to see them. but consider this a sneak peak at the full blog post(s) she’ll eventually do on the event at the buzzy craftery. (hint hint buzzy: i wanna hear what you have to say about everything. especially the corsages and flowers.)

this lighting makes me happy on so many levels.

fact: i’m in class right now. it’s 7:13 pm.
fact: it was a long day at work. i got there at 6:12 am.
fact: i did this yesterday.
fact: i’m doing this tomorrow.
in the great words of J: “we’re overstressed and understimulated!”
ah, teach for america.
so here is what i’m thinking about for the next five minutes instead:

the great steak of texas:

and a little hockey:

can i just say this video is graphically pleasing? and i don’t mean the girls, i mean the swirls.
and the colors and shapes.
and gucci reps my a. holler.
and once again: in love with the man’s glasses.
my roommates will probably get sick of this soon. probably already are.