Monthly Archives: December 2010

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my frustration lately is that i’m interested in a lot of things. like, too many things. as soon as i have time to indulge in creativity (which, sadly, is only during school breaks mostly), my monkey mind goes crazy, jumping from idea to idea. i can’t seem to focus.

can i be a photographer-stylist-lawyer-teacher-designer-napper? what can i make today? a rug, a scarf, a hat, a portfolio, a finished vintage end table, a metal necklace, caramel sea salt brownies, barbecue stir fry? and then i end up not accomplishing much of anything because i’m too all over the place. so here’s to finding creative focus in 2011.

happy new year!


i’ve taken some kind of turn.

and ended up sixty years ago.

on the weekend my grandparents met.

my grandma told me she wanted three things:

to ride a train.
to ride an airplane.
to see the ocean.

so, working in a cookie factory, she saved her money.
and took a train to the beach.

the first time she entered the waves,
a ball floated over, a little more with each push.
a boy came to retrieve it.

and held her hand while she went deeper into the waves.
he was a sailor.

they got married,
she followed him to hawaii.

i never knew him;
he died thirty years ago.
it’s nice to know him (at least) in these pictures.

as the year ends, i am so thankful for the supports and inspiration that have come my way. especially my best friend. in good times and bad (and goodness knows we’ve had both this year), he brings a smile to my face and lightness to my heart.